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SYNESTHETIC on Michael's 2015 Favorites!

I just got word that my debut album SYNESTHETIC has made Michael Debbage's 2015 Favorites list!

For those of you who don't know, Michael is one of the most well-respected music critics in the instrumental/New Age music fraternity. He wrote a stellar review for my album when it was released a year ago. To be picked in the Top 20 after all the other fantastic albums that came out during 2015 is a HUGE honor.

Listed among Enya, John Adorney, David Arkenstone, and more! I am so honored. A wonderful way to bring in the new year.

Check out the Top 20 list here.

Review on Mainly Piano


SYNESTHETIC just got another amazing review from a highly respected reviewer in our fraternity, Michael Debbage from Mainly Piano!

Here's an excerpt from the review:

"Nevertheless all the music is composed and arranged by this impressive newcomer who effectively merges eastern sounds into a western landscape stamping and asserting his own musical DNA to avoid being just a clone. By the end of the year many will be speaking highly of Kulkarni and Synesthetic and assuming he has the ability to follow up this impressive debut watch out musical world."

Check out the whole review here. Thanks Michael!


Interview with DJ Thornton

Happy to announce that I will be appearing in my first radio interview alongside John Adorney to promote the new record SYNESTHETIC! We will be on DJ Thornton's Sunday morning edition of "The Morning Breeze" at 11am PST on February 1. 

You can tune in and listen to us live on the online stream: Click on "Extra Edition" by following the link!

Note: This will be a live interview, and you can tune in from anywhere around the world. 1pm CST, 2pm EST for those of you in the United States.

Interview on KSBR 88.5FM

Exciting news to share with you all! I'll be doing my very first radio interview on KSBR 88.5FM. John Adorney and I will be on DJ Thornton's show "The Morning Breeze" and we'll be playing some excerpts from the new album SYNESTHETIC as well as talking about our experiences producing the album together.

You can hear the interview live from anywhere in the world online at To listen, just go to the site and click on "LISTEN LIVE" in the upper right-hand corner. If you don't hear anything, click on the "more ways to listen" tab below that and then follow the instructions for listening on both Macs and PCs. We would love to have you tune in!

Here's what time we'll be on in different timezones:

  • 11am Pacific time
  • 1pm Central
  • 2pm Eastern
  • 12:30am on Monday morning (India)

**UPDATE: This interview was scheduled for January 4, but due to technical difficulties we had to reschedule. An updated date and time will be posted here soon!

SYNESTHETIC scores 98/100 on NAMO!

The first review of Synesthetic is in, and I am thrilled to say that it scored very highly: 98/100! Only 7 other albums have scored between 95 and 99 on the website!

It is very exciting to be listed next to the greats like John Adorney, Diane Arkenstone, Omar Akram, and 2002! The review also proclaims that SYNESTHETIC is "without a doubt the most promising debut album in the New Age music genre since year 2000"... an amazing compliment indeed.

Check out the review here.


Underwater Rebirth

The last teaser from SYNESTHETIC is here!

Track 10 on the album is called "Underwater Rebirth" and is by far the most edgy track on this record. In this one you'll hear a combination of electronics and acoustics, including cello, piano, and bouzouki against a driving backbeat inspired by the synths of the disco age.

Check out a preview of Underwater Rebirth below:

A Prayer Like Velvet

Got a minute of free time today? Check out the next teaser trailer from my new album SYNESTHETIC!

"A Prayer Like Velvet" is the ninth track on the album. This one is written in a time signature not often found in Western music (7/8), and features a unique ensemble of string instruments including the dulciborn, ektara, cello, sitar, oud, and saz.

Catch the teaser here:

The Lead Single from SYNESTHETIC is coming!

Here we go! The big announcement I've been looking forward to sharing:

The lead single from my upcoming album SYNESTHETIC, "Mermaid," will be releasing in two weeks! The track will be available for streaming exclusively on Spotify, so you will be able to hear it for free! Stay tuned for more updates as we near the single release date. 

9.16.2014. Can't wait!

Mermaid announcement.jpg

As the Water Lilies Grow

The emotional peak of SYNESTHETIC is in a simple duet called "As the Water Lilies Grow."

This one is meant to be a conversation between the piano and the cello. This piece is a special one for me because I wrote it three years ago - it's thrilling to hear it come alive for the first time, as it was meant to be heard. 

John Adorney was amazingly sensitive in the way he handled the cello part during the recording for this - you'll hear it on the CD!

Check out a sneak peek here:

Raining Fire


Raining Fire is an intense orchestral rock piece featuring virtuosic electric guitar work by John Adorney. The piece ends with an extended solo that shows of John's amazing skills on the instrument. This is without a doubt the energetic climax of the album... you won't want to miss this teaser.

Check it out below:

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