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New single... coming soon!

Happy to announce that I'll be releasing a brand-new INSTRUMENTAL single before the end of the summer!

I am especially excited for this one because it is has a very new sound compared to the work I have been doing in the past couple years. I had the chance to work with some instruments that I have been wanting to feature for a while, but had not found the right melody until now.

I'll be posting more updates about the release date, title of the track, and information about where you can buy and stream it. In the meantime, here's a teaser graphic for you all:


Underwater Rebirth

The last teaser from SYNESTHETIC is here!

Track 10 on the album is called "Underwater Rebirth" and is by far the most edgy track on this record. In this one you'll hear a combination of electronics and acoustics, including cello, piano, and bouzouki against a driving backbeat inspired by the synths of the disco age.

Check out a preview of Underwater Rebirth below:

A Prayer Like Velvet

Got a minute of free time today? Check out the next teaser trailer from my new album SYNESTHETIC!

"A Prayer Like Velvet" is the ninth track on the album. This one is written in a time signature not often found in Western music (7/8), and features a unique ensemble of string instruments including the dulciborn, ektara, cello, sitar, oud, and saz.

Catch the teaser here:

The Lead Single from SYNESTHETIC is coming!

Here we go! The big announcement I've been looking forward to sharing:

The lead single from my upcoming album SYNESTHETIC, "Mermaid," will be releasing in two weeks! The track will be available for streaming exclusively on Spotify, so you will be able to hear it for free! Stay tuned for more updates as we near the single release date. 

9.16.2014. Can't wait!

Mermaid announcement.jpg

As the Water Lilies Grow

The emotional peak of SYNESTHETIC is in a simple duet called "As the Water Lilies Grow."

This one is meant to be a conversation between the piano and the cello. This piece is a special one for me because I wrote it three years ago - it's thrilling to hear it come alive for the first time, as it was meant to be heard. 

John Adorney was amazingly sensitive in the way he handled the cello part during the recording for this - you'll hear it on the CD!

Check out a sneak peek here:

Raining Fire


Raining Fire is an intense orchestral rock piece featuring virtuosic electric guitar work by John Adorney. The piece ends with an extended solo that shows of John's amazing skills on the instrument. This is without a doubt the energetic climax of the album... you won't want to miss this teaser.

Check it out below:

Bloomington Days

Track 5 on SYNESTHETIC is a special one — it's called "Bloomington Days."

Bloomington Days is a breezy piano-and-guitar piece featuring some stellar acoustic guitar work by John Adorney and some additional exotic sounds. (World music enthusiasts, watch out for a Chinese erhu and Japanese shakuhachi!) To all my fellow Hoosiers: this song is for you!

Catch a glimpse below:

New Album!

We are excited to announce a new album from Nitish!

Experience was a live concert conceptualized and directed by Nitish in August 2012. The event was hosted by the Foundry United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. All proceeds from the concert went to Cy-Hope, a local charity that works to improve life for economically and spiritually at-risk children.

The concert featured music from Nitish's previous albums. Nitish also premiered new works that have not been released on studio albums yet. The production featured over 35 instrumentalists, a technical support crew, full light design, and graphic projections. The live album is expected to be available for digital download next week.

A special thank you goes to Mr. Doug Lacey, who mixed and mastered the audio recordings.

Experience Artwork.jpg

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