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"Malavun Taak Deep"

Super excited to see the release of this track, one of my favorite collaborations in recent months!

Thanks so much to Saili Oak for the wonderful opportunity to produce and arrange this track with some truly amazing collaborators including the illustrious Ragini Shankar on violin. A remake of one of my all-time favorite Marathi classics... enjoy!

CACTUS teaser released!

So here's the big news... my new single CACTUS will be coming out later this week!

For this track I've explored a new soundscape using instruments that I haven't gotten a chance to work with before. CACTUS features an ensemble that is sure to conjure images of the desert, including the iconic dobro slide guitar. The track is a blend of the sounds of the Old West and the modern, sleek pop sound that is a hallmark of today's contemporary instrumental music.

Check out a teaser of the song here. More information coming soon!

New single... coming soon!

Happy to announce that I'll be releasing a brand-new INSTRUMENTAL single before the end of the summer!

I am especially excited for this one because it is has a very new sound compared to the work I have been doing in the past couple years. I had the chance to work with some instruments that I have been wanting to feature for a while, but had not found the right melody until now.

I'll be posting more updates about the release date, title of the track, and information about where you can buy and stream it. In the meantime, here's a teaser graphic for you all:


Saptasur (Official Music Video)

HERE IT IS! We are thrilled to present "Saptasur"... a one-of-a-kind contemporary music collaboration in Marathi music.

At its core, "Saptasur" is a tribute to the musicians behind three different yet timeless Marathi songs. But what makes this project so special is that its sound is reimagined and designed for contemporary ears.

Sometimes when we listen to a piece of music we are reminded of yet another piece... a common chord somewhere, or a similar vocal line... and for an instant we are transported to a different time and place. "Saptasur" bridges the gaps in these pieces and juxtaposes three songs against each other - simultaneously - while maintaining the lyrical integrity of each one.

Beautifully sung by Shreyas Bedeka and produced by yours truly, "Saptasur" is sure to capture your soul and heart. Marathi music lovers, this one is dedicated to you... although we are sure that anyone, regardless of language, can appreciate these amazing melodies. 

We hope you enjoy the production and are excited to hear your reactions!

"Saptasur" teaser

Introducing a new kind of musical project... in Marathi!

Sung by Shreyas Bedekar and conceptualized/produced by yours truly, "Saptasur" is a song that bridges the gaps between different well-known classic tunes in Marathi, produced in a contemporary setting with the modern listener in mind.

We plan to release the track very soon - but for now, here is a trailer for you all to enjoy!

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