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Saptasur (Official Music Video)

HERE IT IS! We are thrilled to present "Saptasur"... a one-of-a-kind contemporary music collaboration in Marathi music.

At its core, "Saptasur" is a tribute to the musicians behind three different yet timeless Marathi songs. But what makes this project so special is that its sound is reimagined and designed for contemporary ears.

Sometimes when we listen to a piece of music we are reminded of yet another piece... a common chord somewhere, or a similar vocal line... and for an instant we are transported to a different time and place. "Saptasur" bridges the gaps in these pieces and juxtaposes three songs against each other - simultaneously - while maintaining the lyrical integrity of each one.

Beautifully sung by Shreyas Bedeka and produced by yours truly, "Saptasur" is sure to capture your soul and heart. Marathi music lovers, this one is dedicated to you... although we are sure that anyone, regardless of language, can appreciate these amazing melodies. 

We hope you enjoy the production and are excited to hear your reactions!

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Photography courtesy Chris Barry, Simply Epic Photography.