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Transient Phase: "A Wednesday in September"

I'm very pleased to announce a brand-new musical project!

Not a lot of people know that during my time at Berklee I recorded a lot of ambient/relaxation music on the side, separate of my other musical projects. It's time for these tracks to finally be heard - and I'll be releasing them under the name of TRANSIENT PHASE.

This project will consist of ambient instrumentals meant to be played in the background, with the goal of relaxing you and helping you decompress from your daily routine. Please use them for meditation, yoga, reiki, or any of your other unwinding activities! I will be releasing one track per week until I run out of material... which I promise, won't be for a while! 

The first track, called "A Wednesday in September," is now available for streaming on SoundCloud (link below). I'll make the tracks available for download in the near future. I can't wait to share the rest of this new music with you - a project that is close to my heart and has blossoming quietly without much attention. It's time you guys get to hear it all!

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