nitish kulkarni

composer / producer / engineer

Official website of composer, music producer, and mixing engineer Nitish Kulkarni.


My other musical projects include collaborations with various artists from around the world.

Ka Maifilit Gau (2017)

"Ka Maifilit Gau" is a poem by the famous Marathi poet Suresh Bhat set to tune by composer Khalil Abyankar and sung by longtime collaborator and friend Shreyas Bedekar.


Jiya Lage Na (2017)

My third collaboration with Saili Oak, this time featuring her sister Ketki. "Jiya Lage Na" is a type of fusion with the Hindustani semi-classical song form called thumri


Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (2017)

Another collaboration with Saili Oak, featuring santoor prodigy Kunal Gunjal and Kathak dance exponent Sufi Raina. 



"Malavun Taak Deep" is an immortal composition based on Raag Pratiksha, composed by Hridayanath Mangeshkar and sung by none other than Lata Manageshkar. This track was produced for acclaimed Indian classical singer Saili Oak and features Ragini Shankar on violin.


Ananta (2017)

"Ananta" is a modernized reimagining of a haunting, rare composition by Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki with a deeply philosophical message penned by B. B. Borkar. 


Paus (2016)

A multilingual musical experience celebrating the monsoons of India! "Paus" is a unique song combining elements of Marathi folk music, classic Bollywood, and traditional Hindustani music. Produced in collaboration with Shruti & Sahana Kumar and recorded at Berklee College of Music, this project is one that transcends the boundaries of language and celebrates a fundamental joy of being human: dancing in the rain.


Saptasur (2015)

A one-of-a-kind contemporary collaboration in Marathi music. At its core, "Saptasur" is a tribute to the musicians behind three timeless Marathi songs. But what makes this project so special is that its sound is reimagined and designed for contemporary ears. The track juxtaposes these three songs against each other - simultaneously - while maintaining the lyrical integrity of each one. Produced by Nitish Kulkarni and featuring the sublime voice of Shreyas Bedekar, "Saptasur" is sure to capture your soul.

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Photography courtesy Chris Barry, Simply Epic Photography.