nitish kulkarni

composer / producer / engineer

Official website of composer, music producer, and mixing engineer Nitish Kulkarni.




vitthal (2019)

Recorded and filmed in 6 cities, featuring 15 artists from around the country, this modern day take on an age-old classic is one of the grandest collaborations in Marathi music in the United States.

ANANTA (2017)

a modernized reimagining of a haunting, rare composition by Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki with a deeply philosophical message penned by B. B. Borkar.

PAUS (2016)

A multilingual musical experience celebrating the monsoons of India! A mashup of Marathi folk, Bollywood, and Indian classical music.


A one-of-a-kind contemporary music collaboration in Marathi music.

At its core, "Saptasur" is a tribute to the musicians behind three timeless Marathi songs. But what makes this project so special is that its sound is reimagined and designed for contemporary ears. The track juxtaposes these three songs against each other - simultaneously - while maintaining the lyrical integrity of each one.

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Photography courtesy Chris Barry, Simply Epic Photography.