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Transient Phase: "A Wednesday in September"

I'm very pleased to announce a brand-new musical project!

Not a lot of people know that during my time at Berklee I recorded a lot of ambient/relaxation music on the side, separate of my other musical projects. It's time for these tracks to finally be heard - and I'll be releasing them under the name of TRANSIENT PHASE.

This project will consist of ambient instrumentals meant to be played in the background, with the goal of relaxing you and helping you decompress from your daily routine. Please use them for meditation, yoga, reiki, or any of your other unwinding activities! I will be releasing one track per week until I run out of material... which I promise, won't be for a while! 

The first track, called "A Wednesday in September," is now available for streaming on SoundCloud (link below). I'll make the tracks available for download in the near future. I can't wait to share the rest of this new music with you - a project that is close to my heart and has blossoming quietly without much attention. It's time you guys get to hear it all!

Payal Ki Jhankaar Released!

PAYAL KI JHANKAAR, the Indian classical fusion album I produced for vocalist Veena Watwe last summer, was launched in Houston last weekend. We had a great time at the launch telling the audience about the making of the project and also presenting some of the material from the record live in vocal and instrumental performance as well as through Indian classical dance.

Here are some pictures of the event - special thanks to Ravi Ozarker for these!

Excellence in Engineering Award!

Today is a pretty special day for me because I got a Director's Award from the person who I've learned the most from this year and my most favorite professor of my college life, Ian Kagey! I am super humbled to have been selected for the Excellence in Engineering award in a class full of truly remarkable musicians, engineers, and recording artists. And a special thank you to Ian - you have given me the lessons of a lifetime in just ten short months!

Sense of Touch

A new track from my upcoming world instrumental album! SENSE OF TOUCH is all about using your hands to make music. This is my tribute to the work of the great worldbeat projects such as Tabla Beat Science and Planet Drum. I hope you enjoy this blend of electronics and world grooves!

Recorded and mixed in Valencia, Spain.

Djembe and tabla by Nitish Kulkarni.

"Sense of Touch" features sounds from the Seaboard RISE by ROLI.

Copyright © 2016 Nitish Kulkarni Music.


Taking a quick break from Berklee life to share some exciting news with you all—the past couple months I've been spending whatever free time I have working on a really special collaboration project with the one and only Enrique Ponce. Both of us were intrigued by the idea of working in an exciting new genre of music that is stylistically different than what both of us do normally. We're calling the project 1World—an ethnic chillout duo that's sure to be a breath of fresh air for your ears.

One of our new tracks features our very own extraordinary Indian classical singers, Shruti Kumar and Sahana Kumar. We just got word that we've been selected to perform at Berklee's most unique semesterly concert, Innovation En Vivo! We'll be playing on April 22nd and all of you around the world will be able to tune in on the live stream! :-)

Enrique and I are really excited to finish up this new collection of tracks and will work on scheduling a release once they are completed. Stay tuned for more!

"Payal Ki Jhankaar"

Excited that the first single from a very special project is finally available! Veena Watwe and I had a great time recording this album together last year and it is definitely one of the highlights of 2015 for me - my first time actually fully producing an album for an artist! I'm happy that the album is in its final stages and ready to be released soon. Check out the single now on iTunes, Amazon, or Spotify!

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